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Dream Machines is a premium authorized reseller of Clevo products. We have been in business since 2015, and today Dream Machines is one of the largest distributors of Clevo in Europe. Our specialization is high-end gaming Clevo laptops. Clevo is a wordwide known brand that has been in the laptop business since 1987. Their factory is located in China, and they have all ISO certifications using only the highest quality standards for production.

Our Clevo laptops are built with only the best components and renowned brands. We partner with the very best companies including Intel, NVIDIA, Kingston HyperX, Samsung, G.SKILL, and LG to create the top quality, best performing gaming laptops. Each laptop is created for the gamer who is looking for the best equipment without compromise, and Dream Machines laptops can be customized to your own individual preferences . Our configurator allows everyone to personally design and configure their Clevo dream machine.

You can choose the graphics card, processor, screen, RAM, SSD and many, many other options. Create a gaming laptop that is exactly what YOU want. We are making dream laptops at a price for everyone.

Take your gaming to a new level with the ultimate in power and performance! Choose the best Clevo model for you and start “Winning with Dream Machines!”

Why you can trust us

Warranty Protection

Each of our laptops has a 12 month warranty. In case of a breakdown, just write to us at We have official service centers in the USA and EU, so you do not need to worry about the length of delivery and repair. We realize that it is very important that you get your laptop back as soon as possible. We value you as a customer and we will do all that we can to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Fast Shipping

Do not worry about the delivery time. If you order a laptop from the USA, your order will leave our warehouse in the USA. Usually, our delivery just takes a few days. For Europe delivery, we also have a separate warehouse. Therefore, you can always expect your order to arrive quickly. If we don't have a particular laptop model in the USA, we will ship from Europe but the delivery time is still fast and usually only takes 1 week. So no worries!

We Care About You!

We care about our customers and we will be happy to help you with any questions. Once you order from us, we will have you covered in all areas. If you have a question about our products, if you want to know more details about the models, if you want to consult about any product or if you have some other issue…just email us via We are here to help you!

Support We know how important it is to receive the necessary support, which is why our technical team makes every effort to ensure that our clients always receive exactly what they need.
Contact Us If you need to contact us, we are here for you! Write to us and a specialist will contact you. We will do everything possible to make certain that you are a happy and satisfied customer.
Create Your Dream Machine We believe that our clients know exactly what they need and that is why we offer them the opportunity to create a model that will be perfect for each unique and individual customer.

They trust us

Vladislav Chigirick
I've got laptop a couple of days ago took me month to get it to me. One of the best "new to me" company with exceptional laptops, with the most Thoughtful combination of details inside the machine (CPU, RAM, VIDEO etc.).
Best out there with consideration of spectrum "Price and Characteristics".
Amazing minimalistic design with soft and pleasant material.
These guys deserve more attention in my country.
One more word "Amazing".
Volodymyr Prysiazhniuk
Satisfied with company`s products. Recomended
Michael Sabbagh
Amazing mice and awesome service. Just email them if you have issues with anything and they will get it done. Been a customer for over 3years and never regretted it
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